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Broken?..needing it fixed fast, the FIRST time? 

When your home appliance breaks and you need it fixed fast, call Gary Huber Appliance Repair. Our 35 years of experience is all the expertise you need in getting you back in working order fast, the FIRST time.  Getting your appliances fixed effectively with the highest level of customer satisfaction is our top goal.  We are a family owned and operated business so we understand how valuable it is to be honest and trustworthy.  We'll tell you upfront whether it's worth fixing or better to buy new.  We also provide every customer with itemized billing, which means no hidden costs for you.

When your appliances have called it quits, call Gary Huber Appliance established leader in the industry of effective, honest, and reliable repair companies.

To schedule an appointment, call (812)637-5110.  To schedule an appointment quickly, have the brand name, age, and model number of your appliance ready when you call.

We service the following Greater-Cincinnati Areas:
-Southeast Indiana
-Western portions of Hamilton County
-Portions of Butler County

All work guaranteed--90 day warranty on parts--30 days on diagnostic charge

(812) 637-5110
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